High Blood Pressure, Causes and prevention.

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure-Causes, and prevention.

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So, I was talking about High Blood Pressure. It’s causes and prevention. So, before talking about high-level things we need to know what exactly is  High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure-

When your heart beats, it pumps blood around your body to provide the energy and oxygen it requires. As the blood moves, it pushes against the sides of the blood vessels. The strength of this pushing is your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is too high, it puts extra strain on your arteries {and your heart} and this may lead to heart attacks and strokes. This is a normal introduction and definition of Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure Charts:

Normal: Less than 120 over 80 (120/80)

Elevated: 120-129/less than 80

Stage 1 High Blood Pressure 130-139/80-89

Stage 2 High Blood Pressure 140 and above/90 and above

Hypertension crisis: higher than 180/higher than 120 — You need to SEE a doctor RIGHT away…

Causes of the High and Low Blood Pressure.

Causes of High Blood Pressure:-

1. Smoking

2. Lack of physical activity

3. Too much salt in the diet

4.Too much alcohol consumption


6.Older age


8.Family history of high blood pressure

Causes of Low Blood Pressure:-

The causes of low blood pressure might be from dehydration to serious medical or surgical disorders.

Blood Pressure

It is really important to find out what’s causing your low blood pressure so that it can be treated.

Symptoms of low blood pressure or hypotension may include:

Fainting (syncope), Dizziness, A feeling of lightheadedness, Chest pain, Blurred vision, Increased thirst, Nausea etc.


Now we know what is causing us this thing and I REQUEST YOU TO PLEASE DO NOT WORRY because everything has its own cure. The first thing is you need to visit a doctor ASAP. The second thing is that you need to take charge of your own health, as you know what is causing you this you can prevent it right? Your health is more important than your entertainment. So let us move to the section of what you can do to prevent this at an early stage?

Prevention and cure:-

In this case, changing your Exercise and Diet habits can be the powerful tool to change your health status. Let us go the ancient times, there were no scenes of High BloodPressure, right? It is because they needed to hunt for their living and hunting takes lots of stamina a strength. NO!  I am not saying go hunting to prevent this. I am just saying you need to be fit and you need to exercise more to keep your body levels even.

Blood Pressure

It is not cool to “Go to office, Come home have Pizza, and Watch Tv, Netflix, and chill and consume some alcohol at night and Sleep and repeat the other day. If you can relate to this then really you need to change your lifestyle because in order to live your life happily you need to be healthy and to be healthy you need to be more focused. I know it is hard but hard work pays off, No bro, smart work is not gonna work in this case.

Bohut karliya bakwas 🙂

Now let us come to the real point.

Exercise is a really powerful medicine. Walking for 30 minutes to 45 minutes, five days a  week can lower your blood pressure up to 10 points. I personally recommend some fun exercises like Swimming, bicycling, Running with your buddies. Start really slow and increase the speed of your exercise gradually this will help you gain more stamina and you will not even feel that your life has changed so much, now you are more healthy, your problems are slightly gone.
In short words, you will feel happier. The world you are living in right now is the incorrect world you will realize then after.  Keep yourself hydrated. And sweat more, the more you sweat the more you utilize your daily diet instead of storing the glucose as fat in your body you will use it as a fuel for the good of your own body.

You can check your weight and calculate your BMI if you are obese then my friend you need to lower your weight because obesity causes High Blood Pressure.

Here’s the chart to calculate your BMI.

Blood Pressure

And you can also visit this link to check your BMI,


Eat a healthy diet- You need to eat healthy to stay healthy, there is a saying in Bodybuilding, to develop body you need to rely 30% on your gym and 70% on your Kitchen, eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy oils (such as olive and canola), foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, tuna, walnuts and flaxseed, for example) and two or three servings daily of low-fat or nonfat dairy products. It also means avoiding saturated and trans fats.

And especially girls, I know Chocolate means to you more than anything else but you need to cut down the chocolate intake. You can still have chocolates but in a small amount. Actually chocolate is healthier if you take it with your breakfast.

Keep your salt intake in a small amount and if you are an alcohol user you need to slow it down buddy. I do not say leave it completely but not daily bro. If you are a regular drinker than maybe this is the time for you to change.

When you make these changes in your life it will surely help you reduce your Blood pressure levels and you will benefit your health in other ways, too. The recommended diet, weight and exercise guidelines will also lower your risk of developing diabetes, some cancers, dementia and high cholesterol.

Blood Pressure

So, Guys, this was it from my end, I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, making these changes will surely help you control your blood pressure and other things but I recommend visiting a doctor once because they will know better.

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