How to fight obesity, diabetes and Blood pressure? And love yourself?-Fitness

How to fight obesity, diabetes and Blood pressure? And love yourself?-Fitness

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Today we are going to talk about some serious matters, Nowadays it is common someone saying that he/she has high blood pressure, he/she has diabetes, What may be the reason. Can we solve this problem? Can we get rid of these things? Well, I am not a medical expert so this post is going to be a conversation with you guys. I was trying to find a solution to this thing and I researched few things and I found lots of things, the common things which we ignore are causing this illness. I found out that it is really easy to get rid of this but the only thing we have to do is to dedicate, dedicate the love to your physical health.

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Let us begin:

Now we have become more intelligent, we have made machines to get our job done, are we doing it correctly? Are we giving the importance to our body that has to be given?

Take some time and think about yourself, Are you caring yourself? You know what the fact is? In today’s world, if you go to a school and ask a kid to run for 10 minutes, he/she will breathe heavily after the run
and that is for sure that he/she will hate you for the rest of their life. have you ever noticed that why this is happening?
Nowadays diabetes is a common thing and another thing is Asthma, I can see that most of the middle-aged person will carry asthma pump with him/her do we know the root of the cause?I know too many questions but unanswered right? We encaustically ignore exercise, the history has changed,

Here’s a joke
One fat kid was taken to the doctor, the doctor asked what games do you play, he said “Cricket and Football” and doctor asked for
how long daily you play the games, he answered straight hours. And Doctor asked where do you play that, the Kid answered

Well if you conduct a survey among the group of people around you, you will get 2 answers for sure.
1.I do not have time.
2.Mate, I am too lazy to do it- I joined the gym I left after 2 weeks because I didn’t feel motivated.Blah blah

You know I have spent 2 and half years in fitness but I did not find answers to these “I do not have time and I am too lazy to exercise.
And to cure these lots of physical fitness experts gathered in a room, they had to find a way to solve these questions.
One said, we have to make exercise “fun”, really mate? If your exercise program is fun I guarantee you that you are not doing it right.
All that matters is your intensity and your love towards yourself.I know exercise is no fun and it never will but you have a to do it, Being fit is as necessary for life as you want good salary from your job. This is the answer to the 2ndd phrase, “I am too lazy to do exercise”

Let us go in the past do you think that if people in the past were not fit then can they be able to live? They had to hunt for the dinner and Animals are really fit you know! But now as we are really intelligent we have machines to do our work, We have machines to wash our clothes we have machines to do our dishes we have mini-scooters to reach office which is 1 kilometer far away, and if not that we have
vehicles. Wow, car for 1 kilometer? really? your great-grandparents will be proud of you. How can you be so mean to your body?


Well I know we are busy we do not have the time to do exercise but what can you do is, you break up the love with that french fries, that pizza and that fried chips which you want while traveling, watching a movie and sitting on a couch for no reason.
The point I want to make is eating healthy, you do not have the time but you have the time to eat right? in that eating time just bother to eat healthily.

You can take stairs instead of elevator or escalator, you can have a good amount of sleep. you know this can be done but the only thing keeping this from happening is your laziness. Your fitness is the only thing which will be with you. If you ignored that bag of chips then trust me that bag of chips will not cry.
Just love yourself and just give the important to your body.
In the beginning, I was talking about an illness like diabetes and heart problems, you know what creates it? your daily routine.
Trust me your earnings will literally go to a hospital’s bank’s account. So do it before it is late. All you need to do is change your habit that is it.

No matter what you do in your life, Change is important, we have been convicted by our modern thoughts, entertainment, and Gadgets. This is the sole reason for us being physically unfit.


Let us take a promise, promise to love our body and focus on your health because the only person who can help you here is yourself.

Please stay updated with my posts I will write the next posts will be about Diabetes and Blood pressure, and how to stay away from it. If you want to explore more about fitness then please read my previous posts by visiting this link:
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