Love handles-how to get rid of love handles


Love handles-how to get rid of love handles

Love handles are the most annoying thing if you are in the gym or you do not go to the gym but want to maintain your physique. Love Handles are the stored fat on the upper side of your waist, These are the first thing to show up and last thing to go. But do not worry I will tell you about how to get rid of this annoying  Love handles and what mistakes you are doing and what exercises you will have to do.

Love handles

So here we go-

I am noticing that some people start dieting when they see that “love handles”, it is a good thing but if you did it in a correct way.Do not cut carbs completely you have to keep some complex carbs in your diets such as sweet potatoes, black rice, and oats because when your body gets deprived of the energy it goes into starvation mode and fat burning becomes the last priority.
You need to cut down sugar, artificial sweetener as they have zero calories they can still make your body gain and hold on to fat.

Love handles
You need to cut down the oil intake, I am not saying to leave oil completely but you can use olive oil/coconut oil and fatty fish. They are known to decrease fats and ofcourse love handles.

You have to use as much as organic foods, and do not forget to intake lots of water, Drinking plenty of water is critical for losing your love handles. When your body is dehydrated, it’ll do everything in its power to hold on to water and trick your brain into thinking it’s hungry rather than thirsty. I recommend 4 litres of water per day.

Love handles

To boost the process of fat loss you have to break down your meals, this does not mean that you have to eat less than before, just have the same quantity of meal but break it down to 5-6 times intervals. I advise you if you are an alcohol consumer keep it as low as possible because alcohol increases fats (With Love handles) and it is harmful to the body as simple as that.
And keep dairy product low, I suggest you drink low-fat milk.

When you wake up in the morning before you have anything to eat, drink 500ml of water with the juice of 1/2 fresh lemon.This will help your digestive system throughout the day and it also increases the metabolism process and it will help you lose those”Love handles”

Now let us come to the food recommendations.

Love handles

Protein sources: chicken, eggs, lean, ground turkey, all-natural chicken sausage, shrimp, tilapia, salmon, tuna, lean cuts of steak, whey protein powder, tofu, hemp protein, pea protein. Recommendation: Eat at every meal

(Complex) Carb sources: sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain pasta, wild rice, oats, Ezekiel bread. Recommendation: 3-4 servings a day

(Healthy) Fat sources: avocado, almonds, cashews, pecans, coconut oil, olives, nut butter, hummus. Recommendation: 2 servings a day

Vegetable sources: Feel free to eat whatever veggies you like! But some of the best for weight loss are kale, spinach, watercress, chard, and beet greens. Recommendation: Eat at every meal

(Low-sugar) Fruit sources: Avocado, tomatoes, eggplant, raspberries, strawberries, and blackberries, and watermelon.
Recommendation: 2 servings of fresh fruit a day. One serving of fruit is one piece of fruit, or 1/2 cup of berries or sliced fruit. Stay away from dried fruits because of their high sugar content.

So these are the foods you can have while the weight loss process. But please keep in mind that you have to get a sound sleep of 8 hours to lose fat otherwise your metabolism will be slowed down.


Workouts and exercises.

I have covered this topic already in my previous post about How to do HIIT cardio you can visit there to know more about HIIT, well to lose fat HIIT plays a vital role.

Love handles
Doing compound lifts—like squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, and thrusters will help build lean muscle mass, which will stimulate your metabolism to burn fat at rest.
There are many exercises to get rid of love handles you can find it all over the internet but keep in mind that abs are made in the kitchen.

So, guys, this is it on my end, I hope you enjoyed my post on Love handles and if you are enjoying my posts then please let me know down in the comments, or you can contact us. It encourages me to write more about health and fitness.

Thank you for reading.

Take care!



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