HIIT workout routine-Burpees exercise

HIIT workout routine
HIIT workout routine

HIIT workout routine-Burpees exercise

What is HIIT workout routine? How will it help me in my gym career? What should I follow to do HIIT? All the questions will be answered here in this post.

HIIT workout routine

So, hello readers this is Vicky again back with a new interesting post regarding your Gym health, today we are going to talk about HIIT workout routine  i.e High-Intensity Interval Training, this training helps you cut fats really fast and makes your body more beautiful and defined. This is also one important factor in gym field that you have to do HIIT workout routine because at one point in time you want to look defined when you are done with bulking and “HIIT workout routine” helps you getting that awesome defined body, and it also helps the people who just started the gym and they want to lose fats to be fit in their Large sized shirts or whatever. This will help you achieve your goal.

So, let’s begin:

HIIT workout routine has short intervals for like 20 seconds and you have to work out each exercise for 20 seconds.
You will have to gain enough power and stamina in that 20 seconds to do now exercises.

I will suggest you some youtube videos and you can do it as same as done in the videos.

This video is performed by Sixpackshortcuts.com and it includes 4 different exercises and this is the best HIIT workout routine.

1.High Kneels- 20 Seconds each 3 rounds.

2.Push-ups with knee combination. 20 seconds each 3 rounds

3.Jumping Lunges-20 seconds each 3 rounds

4.Burpees-20 seconds each 3 rounds

This is a cardio exercise and it will help you lose fats and gain a more toned body, your abs will surely pop up when you do this exercise.

I will suggest you another video for HIIT and it goes with the same theory 20 seconds 3 rounds

This video is performed by  Brandon Carter and this one is also a great help while fat loss goal.
This exercise consists of HIIT workout routine like :
1.Jumping Lunges

2.Lizard Hops ( well you can see it in the video)

3.Handstand Kick ups.

4.High knee Jump squats.

I personally recommend this video to you because this video helped me a lot in my goal.


So, readers, you can do these workouts regularly until you get your results and trust me you will not be disappointed by your body. Because these exercises I have recommended works your whole body and it gives you results on your whole body.This has benefitted me so I am recommending this to you guys.

HIIT workout routine

So, guys, this is it for today work hard and gain more, because you can only take care of your body.

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Thank you.

Take care!



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